Malema Must Know His Place

Malema Must Know His Place

The recent race card played by EFF leader Julius Malema at the Judicial Services Commission, when interviewing judge Shyham Gygana smacks of racial intolerance.

While it is standard that members of the national assembly sit as commissioners on the JSC, this does not give them the right to humiliate a judge. Judge Gyanda is a senior official of the judiciary in KZN and Malema’s insults on race to him were uncalled for.

Julius should familiarize himself with process and be conscious of the fact that the judiciary is in fact an arm of Government. If he understood the separation of powers he would not have put his foot in his mouth. His comments prove that he is out of sync with the realities faced by the majority of the indian people in SA and particularly in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. These constant attacks by an unscrupulous Julius; are based on the superficial notion that all Indians are wealthy because of a select few. However if this were so, he should explain why so many Indians still live in townships like Phoenix and chatsworth. Even those Indians who have amassed some wealth will concede that it has come with significant sacrifice, hard-work and dedication.

It will be interesting to see how Julius will lick his vomit and penetrate the Indian communities as we approach the 2016 Local Government elections with his election campaigns, the very community he has so emphatically scorned.

It is about time that the Indian embassy; through the consulate general of India in SA, stood up against this loose cannon. The MF has corresponded with the National Assembly asking that Malema be removed as a commissioner. We are contemplating taking this to the Human Rights Commission.

Jonathan Annipen

Minority Front


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