MF Distances Its Self From Temple Wrangle

MF Distances Its Self From Temple Wrangle

As spokesperson of the Minority Front I am duty-bound to respond to the article published in your newspaper “Smear campaigns targets temple officials” dated October 28 2015. I am duly authorized by the Leader of the Minority Front, Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi to make the following statements.

It has come as a great surprise via your newspaper that “MF Councilor” Patrick Pillay has commented on behalf of the Minority Front.

We wish to unambiguously inform you and your readers that this matter has never been discussed at any level within the Minority Front neither was this document; Councillor Pillay makes reference to; ever shown to us. Councilor Patrick Pillay’s comments must therefore be treated as his individual opinion and not the views of the Minority Front. They must be taken in his private and personal capacity.

The founder and Late Leader of the Minority Front, Mr Amichand Rajbansi, had given members a golden rule that still remains and all party members must abide by; this is that, the MF must remain neutral in matters involving Faith-Based organizations and NGO’s.

The MF has always supported faith based organizations and denounces any utterance that may show it to have personal prejudices and vendettas against any individual or organization. We strive to promote social cohesion and cultural diversity and will continue to do so without engaging in the politics connected to organizational structures.

The MF categorically distances itself from this temple wrangle and hopes that this will be resolved speedily.

Jonathan Annipen

Minority Front Spokesperson


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