Motor Mouth Dianne, Boot Welcome

Motor Mouth Dianne, Boot Welcome
The Democratic Alliance has been courting trouble Dianne Kholar-Barnard all the while. Her vile remarks on social media pages are one of her many unscrupulous actions. Unfortunately for her, this was the final nail to her coffin.

Barnard has been the mastermind, alongside other vindictive DA councilors, who with initial MF candidates trumped-up false charges of Electoral Fraud against the Minority Front. This was well calculated and manifested only weeks before a crucial Bi-election.

Her expulsion from the DA would be the ideal time for her to redeem herself and come clean on her role in trying to discredit the MF using MF members. While this may not totally vindicate her from her sinful engagements it will show that there are fruit to her repentance and that she owns some dignity. She owes it of course, to the innocent and the electorate.

All this notwithstanding, perhaps the eastern belief is true and the law of Karma has caught up with motor mouth Dianne.

Jonathan Annipen

Minority Front Spokesperson

Featured image: Dawikicommonsaccount (Wikimedia Commons).

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