MF Councillor Tackles Burst Water Pipe Disaster

Minority Front

Minority Front Councillor, Jonathan Annipen, has challenged the Ethekwini Municipality to lessen its response time in attending to burst water pipes. He claims that the City loses thousands of liters of water each financial year which amounts to million of rands. This is largely due to the fact that there is a delay in response time on the part of the city.

“I was called to a site recently by irate customers who had made several calls to the municipality to report a burst water pipe but to no avail. The customers claimed that it had taken approximately 5 hours before a plumber was come out on scene. I had to personally call officials to get an update because the staff at call center were rude, inefficient and unskilled to respond to my questions. Annually the Auditor Generally criticizes the City for this form of financial loss but it seems the city has no intention of addressing the matter. I will be writing to Council to get the relevant stats before pursuing the matter further.”

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