“Indians Are Not Privileged, We’re Hard Working”

“Indians Are Not Privileged, We’re Hard Working”

Indians came to South Africa as indentured laborers, a term synonymous with slavery.  They were exported from their own land, cultures and family and were abused, dehumanized and treated like sub-humans by vile colonialists.

Despite being robbed of their self-worth and human dignity, Indian people in South Africa, persevered and found means to develop and advance themselves. They prioritized education and discovered innovative ways to maintain economic strength. Nothing came with ease.

In the struggle against apartheid, Indians fought side by side with their black counterparts for a better life for all. This was visualized when the likes of Ahmed Kathrada , Monty Naicker, Fathima Meer and our very own Amichand Rajbansi faced, banning, exile, incarceration and even death as sacrifices for national freedom.

Zweli Sangewi should better inform himself before he casts any aspersions or makes frivolous rhetoric. He should read the book “The Road to Denmark” which will teach him that he must not judge the present era based on what he sees now; instead he must collate his chronological facts and reexamine some bygone events.

Factually, Indians have been academically successful, and if anything in this modern democracy, Indians have been sideline, ostracized and marginalized by racist policies such as AA, BBBEE and University Quotas.  They have been humiliated in the work place, being made to train younger staff of color, that finally, supersede them for promotion.

Zweli, must not mislead and misrepresent South Africans. Indians are hardworking and dedicated individuals whose influences far outweigh any pseudo-struggle that his Mazibuye forum might find itself in. In fact Indian struggle icons, like Mr Rajbansi, made such meaningful contributions to the country that even Tata Mandela visited the predominantly Indian town of Chatsworth 2001 to publicly accolade Mr Rajbansi for his role in fight against apartheid.


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