MF Freedom Day Dialogue With Ordinary People

MF Freedom Day Dialogue With Ordinary People

Minority Front leader, celebrated Freedom Day at a community dialogue arranged with Cllr M.D Dasarath.

MF leader, Mrs S. Thakur-Rajbansi spoke to youth, women and workers about issues that affected them daily in this 22 years of democracy.

The strong themes amongst youth was the high rate of crime and feeling of insecurity.

Workers complained that whilst it was a public holiday, they worked and never felt included in the country’s achievements.

Women complained about the lack of housing and renting for years, one mother with a blind son as example. Mothers’ wanted to secure their childrens’ future with a roof above their head, but this was only a pipe dream. Some felt the need to have more ABET classes, so that they can be given a second chance to better themselves for the job market.

All agreed that front-line service providers who risk their lives daily such as nurses, doctors, police men and women, firemen, security guards;working for governments should have salaries that match the risks they face to keep us safe and healthy.

All agreed that in a townships like Chatsworth there was no problem about racism but rather about more important livelihood needs.

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