MF Youth Association: Career Guidance

MF Youth Association: Career Guidance

The Minority Front Youth Association in partnership with the National Youth Development Agency will be hosting Career Guidance Seminars for GRADE 9 learners who choosing courses in GRADE 10.

The programmes offers learners the opportunity to take an aptitude test and provide accurate and researched information concerning career paths that would be available to grade 12 school leavers and graduates post matric education. These programmes are designed in consultation with the Departments of Basic and Higher Education and are conducted by skilled professionals provided by the National Youth Development Agency.

We would like to offer this programme to you FREE of charge for learners who are in grade 9. The programme is 20 minutes long and can be conducted as part of the Life Orientation period or at a time convenient to you. This programme will help shape the caliber of learners you produce, as it will assist them in making informed choices based on their strengths academically and otherwise.

Learners will also be exposed to POSSIBLE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMMES while in school and post grade 12.

I am certain that this will empower your learners and enable them to make decisive choices concerning further education and training.

We trust that you will take this opportunity to enrich your learners and enable them to become more productive individuals.  Should you wish to pursue this opportunity please contact Jonathan Annipen on 031 – 5007580 or 084 8110 788 or email

Many thanks
Jonathan Annipen

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