Student Bursaries Available To Youth

Student Bursaries Available To Youth

Universities open their doors this week and this comes with great challenges. One of the greatest being that of financial aid. The recent  #feesMustfall campaign aimed at creating awareness around the challenges faced that masses. This resulted in an additional 10 billion rand being added to Nsfas which will assist in this problem. Minority Front Youth Leader, Jonathan Annipen  to the initiative of engaging with officials regarding innovative ways of addressing this crisis.

“As a youth organization we have recognized that one of the greatest injustices is denying a child access to education. The socio-economic lifestyles of many of our people, does not enable them to adequately prepare for the financial burden of sending a child to university. The lack of funding available to young people who qualify to gain access into institutes of higher learning sometimes means that a whole generation is prevented from economic emancipation and a brighter future” said the Minority Fronts youth leader, Jonathan Annipen.

“NSFAS, which is a government programme aimed at providing financial aid to children who wish to study after matric but to don’t have the financial capacity, administers loans and bursaries through various government departments including the Departments of Higher and Basic Education, the Departments of Justice, Health, Defence and Social Development. In my recent dialogue with the Department of Basic Education’s MEC Hon Peggie Nkoyani, I brought to her attention the issue of spreading these bursaries evenly to the most deserving candidates regardless of demographic implications. We will fight for this to be implemented and will ensure that our youth are given equal opportunity” said Annipen.

Leader of the Minority Front and Member of the Provincial Legislatures, Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi said “As  the sole member  of parliament representing the Minority Front, I have always lobbied for equal opportunities for minority communities. Indian learners in particular were  amongst the top achievers  in the National Certificate Examination in 2015, yet many of these deserving candidates for entry into higher education were denied access into universities. The time has come for government to ensure that no young person, who qualifies to go to university, is denied that right. Government must give greater budgets and even establish more FET colleges in this province. This will ensure that there is a successful economic growth in this country.”

Persons who wish to apply for the bursaries or apply for the NSFAS Loans must first apply to universities via the Central Application Office (CAO) gain a student number which they will need to produce on the application form. Application can be found at specified universities. For more information please contact Jonathan Annipen on 031 5007580 or visit the Minority Front Offices in Gem City.

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