MF Sponsors School Uniforms

MF Sponsors School Uniforms

The Minority Front selected learners from schools in Phoenix and Chatsworth and sponsored them with school uniforms. These learners were identified by the school.

The Minority Front Leader, Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi, said this was done to ensure that learners felt confident about going to school. “Many children don’t have the luxury of new uniforms for each year. This can be very demotivation. Sometimes children have to transfer between schools and don’t have the uniforms of the new school. This project aimed at helping children who experienced such challenges and required uniforms. Each set of uniform was specific to the school. Although this was a taxing administrative function, we believe children deserve to be treated special”, said Mrs Rajbansi.

Minority Front Leader and the project co-ordinator Jonathan Annipen said, “The Minority Front prides itself in being a political party that is in constant engagement with Local Schools. We assist wherever it is within our means. It has been the tradition of the MF to support the course of Education since days of the late Mr Amichand Rajbansi, who himself, had a keen interest in Education being an educator by profession. The Minority Front has always been a community based party and has addressed the needs of our constituents in a tangible way. This year we embarked on this project to assist learners with uniforms. This we believed would encourage learners in a positive way. The appearance of a child impacts the way a child thinks and behaves.  This project, we hope, will inspire learners to believe in themselves, to aim high and to achieve success.”

The learners were excited and very appreciative. The left the offices of the Minority Front with smiles and laughter.

Uniforms play an important role in learner dignity and comfort. The MF is a major stakeholder in promoting equality and assisting to alleviate poverty to all age groups in our communities. This is a key social cohesion and Nation building initiative which is being done in Ethekwini Durban and Wembezi in Escourt.

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