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The Importance of Youth Voting

The Importance of Youth Voting

Voting is a responsibility and an action that every member of society must partake in. Local Government Elections are the grassroots of politics and it is here that interaction between the voter’s and the state take place at the most regular intervals. Issues that deal with the community and you can be relayed to the state through your councilors.

They are the ones who you can interact with on a daily basis and they are the ones who can take the necessary steps to solving issues in your community.

As the youth, who wish to progress in our lives, find good job’s, live in safe & healthy environments and ultimately make certain that our elderly, our parents, our siblings and our future families live in secure and safe environments, where our elderly are not mugged, our parents are not hijacked, our siblings are not influenced to do and sell drugs, shot and robbed, it becomes our duty to vote intelligently and to provide them with a safe, secure and healthy environment

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