Report by the Chairperson of Premier P/C  03.05.2018

Posted in: on 03/05/2018

Speaker the Gender Focal Point is the one key that will ensure the success of an organizations gender mainstreaming.

As fellow South Africans, it is in our aim to grow as a nation that we do implement the Gender Action Plan in all facets of companies and sectors. The Gender Focal Point will deal issues on Gender Equality issues, practices and policies relevant to Gender.

All companies and sectors need to understand the benefit both personally and within the organization of Gender Focal Point.

The Gender Focal point will report to the Minister of Energy on all these issues as well as incorporate gender and energy activities as well as educate people on the National Policy and Legislature related to the gender mainstreaming.

The type of person elected within to represent and deliver the Gender Focal Point should be a person that will be able to understand the people as well as be able to deliver information and rectify and communicate issues within the organization.

Training should be conducted with professionals that have experience within the field.

Thank you

HON S. Thakur-Rajbansi

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