MF Math Set Drive

Minority Front Math Set Drive

Over the years the Minority Front has distributed items to various schools that are basic requirements for learners. These include school uniforms, books, stationery and games. A major drive has been to promote Mathematics, Science and Technology.

We are aware of the current trying times the matriculants are facing with the preparation for their final exams. Not every student is able to afford a Maths set. Entering an exam room without everything you need leaves a student feeling not fully confident. Good performance requires a student to be fully equipped with tools.

Therefore, the MF calls on all principals of secondary schools to tell us how many senior students do not have a Maths set. We will happily assist you on a first come first serve basis at the MF Chatsworth Constituency office.

Let’s come together to increase the confidence of our learners to take on the final exams.

You may contact the office via email or calling us. Our office number is 067 833 2958 and the email is

Let’s move forward together.

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