Minority Front Opens Constituency Office In Chatsworth

Minority Front Opens Constituency Office In Chatsworth

Pictured above are Mrs S. Thakur-Rajbansi, MF Leader together with Mr.V.Bhana and Mr. V.Maharaj of the Rising Sun Newspapers with guests at the opening.

Mrs S Thakur-Rajbansi, MF Leader was excited to re-open the constituency office in Unit 6 Chatsworth, after closing the last office in 2014.

She stated that the MF did have councillor’s offices which assisted the people and recently the office in Montford was relocated to Phoenix. Due to the lockdown, the office opening was delayed but the people of Chatsworth used to visit the home office in Arena Park for help.

She thanked the people of Chatsworth for supporting the MF in the 2019 parliamentary elections and stated that with this official opening, the people are welcome to visit, office secretary Sushmitha on a daily basis for various matters. Mrs Rajbansi would be in attendance from time to time on appointments, if not engaged with Legislature work.

“People must feel free to use our offices whether it’s Local Government or Provincial issues. We are here to assist”. The contact details are telephone: 067 833 2958 and email mfchatsworthoffice@gmail.com.

Mrs Rajbansi would like to see organizations also visit, as the MF even under the leadership of the Late Mr A.Rajbansi, looked forward to meeting community leaders and working with them to ensure that life in Chatsworth and the surrounding areas was always vibrant.

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