MF Leaders’ Message For 2014 Elections

MF Leader Receives Bharath Gaurav Award

The journey of reshaping South Africa:

Politics today (20 years into democracy) should tap into a shared vision capable of inspiring voters with proper understanding of what’s going on everywhere, so that we can transform the quality of our citizen’s lives.

The MF wishes to fight to expand people’s real freedoms to enjoy our country of birth South Africa’s, economic opportunities. We do this by removing unfair laws, politics and programs for example, Affirmative Action, University Quotas, so that we expand all citizens capabilities and then claim access to real resources like political and civil rights and government services, in a manner to improve their ability to make choices that they value.

Successful development requires skilful balancing with equity orientated government intervention where markets fail our citizens, so that a visible difference can be made in people’s lives.

South Africa requires social and economic restructuring, to build a unified nation by improving economic literacy because long term wealth creation requires responsible management of our economy.

South Africa needs a new development paradigm for the next 20 years and NDP 2030 can only be achieved if a firm foundation is built on hard work by our citizens and full participation by creative ways in our political running of South Africa.

This new paradigm of development with transformed citizens, so that we can close that gap between the rich and poor and move from a dual economy to one economy and from a developing country status to that of a developed country, hence the new MF slogan:

“One Vision
One Future”
“Treat Us As Equals

Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi
Minority Front Leader
25 February 2014

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