Minority Front Unite and Fight Save Our Municipalities 2016

Minority Front
  1. Ward Funding:
    • Equal funding for all wards
  2. Indigent Policy:
    • Addresses poverty and inequality by increasing free basic services (FBS) but must be fully implemented.
  3. Corruption:
    • Restructure councils that have been infested with corruption e.g.: Ethekweni, Msunduzi etc.
  4. Tenderpreneurship:
    • Enforce MFMA
    • Section 36 must not be abused to give Jobs to pals
    • Form a multiparty authorisation team for section 36 situations
  5. Political Authority:
    • Political leadership in key position must practice good governance principles
    • Full councils must make final decisions for transparency on all decisions
  6. Job Creation:
    • Vacancies should be filled on merit for efficient functioning.
    • CLO’S: – or community liaison officers should be elected by a local community and not be based on nepotism or political affiliation.
    • CLO’s should have the necessary skills to manage relation between the committee and council
    • Learnerships must be fairly distributed to youth on a non- racial basis
  7. LED:
    • Local Economic Development means taking SMME training to every single township home business and relax street-vending by-laws.
  8. Councillor Merit:
    • Elected councilors must have a matric and more
    • Councilors should be expelled if they do not attend training workshops sufficiently
    • Code of Conduct should be strictly enforced
    • There must be a public complaint system in place to deal with errant councillors
    • Councilors offices must be monitored and evaluated
    • Disclosure registers are compulsory for elected councillors
  9. Water ways management:
    • Towns and cities need well planned and implemented cannalisation systems to trap rain water.
  10. Informal Settlements (IS):
    • Political Will is needed to clear slums- as per the Slums Clearance Act
    • Social and health problems in local areas are due to unplanned settlements
    • Political interference must stop, for violence to subside in informal settlements and hostels
    • A housing-needs register should be started for informal dwellers
    • IS should be given names and house numbers for election voters roll purposes
  11. Housing:
    • Registers should be established in each municipality for housing needs
    • Fiscal dumping to renovate flats, hostels and bad workmanship must stop
    • Title-Deeds transfers must stop being used as votebank politics every 5 years
    • People need land ownership to unlock dead capital and economic opportunities
    • Minorities deserve the correct local demographic allocation for new settlements e.g. Cornubia Housing where 16.7% Indians should get housing. This will assist social cohesion.
  12. IDP’s and Land Use:
    • Infill housing initiated in an unplanned manner.
    • Monopolies for development must stop
    • Public participation must take place before development decisions
  13. Rates:
    • Properties need to be revalued on an ongoing basis, due to disputes
    • Concessions have to include single mothers, age factor, disabilities, income and widows.
  14. Religious Sites:
    • Monotorium on religious sites in Ethekwini must be lifted
    • Phase 2 of coastal management plan must make provisions for designated use by faith based organisations for religious sites that pray to the sea
    • Crematoriums in all areas need upgrading
  15. Public Transport:
    • Re-introduce local bus routes
    • Enter public – private Partnerships for cost- effective projects
  16. Electoral Transformation:
    • Mayors should be directly elected by the citizens of a Town/City
  17. Ward Committees:
    • Must be elected from the skills base of the Ward
  18. CPF:
    • Community Police Forums should be apolitical if we want to decrease crime
  19. Laws:
    • Municipal laws: The MFMA should be strengthened to enforce financial accountability.
    • Outdated by-laws should be removed or relaxed
    • The municipal allowance funding of political parties to councilors must be accounted for through financials and audited statements and reporting to councils made mandatory
  20. By-Laws:
    • Stricter by-laws for liquor and littering/pollution; for social and environmental safety.
    • Relaxed by-laws for local economic development (LED) eg. small business eg. Street venders and house businesses eg. panel beaters or seamstresses
  21. Metro Police:
    • The crime-prevention units need to be based in local offices to increase civilian policing
    • Increase number of Metro Police Officers
  22. Clinics:
    • Local clinics need more human resources equipment and medicines
    • Clinic Committees need training and must be apolitical
    • Clinic Committee financial management must have mandatory financial reporting to the council
  23. Public Servants:
    • Scrap Affirmative action
    • Employment must be done on merit
    • More training is required to ensure rate-payers satisfaction
  24. Public-Private Partnership (PPP):
    • Councils need to engage in PPP’s for cost saving
  25. Infrastructure:
    • Roads, bridges, storm-water drainage, public sanitation and signage needs to be consistently upgraded to decrease road deaths, natural-disaster damages and loss of animals
  26. Body Corporates:
    • Management bodies for transferred council flats should be a co-ordinated and transparent process.
    • First-time home owners need to be trained on how to manage meetings, constitute the body corporate and run the building operationally, daily.
    • The hijacking and the bullying tactics used by body Corporates managers should be outlawed and residents should be given freedom to associate, manage their finances with full accountability.
    • Corruption needs to be rooted out by monopolists who manage many body corporates
  27. Climate Change:
    • Establish “Green Cities, Towns” Project eg. renewable energy resources, green buildings, open spaces, enforce EIA’s save water, electricity and designate demoss zones.
  28. Coastal Management Plan:
    • Phase two to include safety planning for Tsunamis and other natural disasters
    • Needs of all faith- based organisation must be accommodated and demarcated space on the beach for prayer allocated
  29. Beach Safety:
    • Sentinels must be established with beach patrols to safeguard our visitors and tourists
    • More Life-guards should be visible along the beaches
    • Beach litter : clean-up must be a separate programme
    • Manholes in these areas must be marked
    • More safety signages are required
  30. Parks and Gardens:
    • Greening our cities and towns reduces carbon emissions and the overheating of cities
    • Play lots for children should be saved and mandatory in the IDP’s
    • Grass-cutting cycle should be increased to 6 times annually

Date: 18th June 2016
Mrs S. T Rajbansi
Leader of Minority Front

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