Executive Summary of MF’s 2016 Strategic Plan for LGE

Executive Summary of MF’s 2016 Strategic Plan for LGE

The MF’s strategic plan for the next five years in various councils:

In view of the crisis in various municipalities currently, the roadmap in your media pack, outlines how limited existing resources must be used to meet our challenges, in terms of revenue generated through rates and reduced equitable share.

The key focus areas are managerial in nature, revolving around planning, control, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Local communities strengths must be optimized to reduce challenges and negate weaknesses but by providing fair and equal opportunities at local government level, especially in our Metro.

As a government our image has to be improved nationally and internationally; moreover closer to home, goodwill has to be established amongst all communities.

MF’s Golden Principles:

1. Good governance based on best practices,
2. Respect for multiparty democracy,
3. Restore inter community relationship, by fast-tracking social cohesion,
4. “Remove race” in all decisions,
5. Respect and provide for the customs, traditions and language of citizens,
6. Get the best value for the rate payer’s money by providing facilities and services in all areas, for all communities, on the basis of fairness and equitability.

Some of our key local election issues are:

  • Fair administrative justice,
  • Equality for all,
  • Scrapping unfair race based policies, like affirmative action,
  • Establishing a Minorities Ministry and Minorities Commission,
  • Municipal learnership for youth as born frees,
  • Waterways planning to harvest rainwater,
  • Coastal site for cultural practices by affected groups,
  • Crime sentinel spots for vigilant policing,
  • Job creation by SMME workshop in every suburb.

Towards NDP 2030:

These key issues will be our focus with an aim to strengthen an active citizenry amongst local people, so that protests become a thing of the past, through political knowledge and empowerment. This will force an anti-corruption agenda at all levels of Government and promote service delivery with prudent budgeting and utilisation.

Thank you,
Mrs S. Thakur-Rajbansi

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