MF NEC Member Priyanka Nunkumar Was A Keynote Speaker At The Vara Lakshmi Vratam Maha Satsangh Event Which Was Held At The Howard College Campus (UKZN) On The 24 August 2018

MF NEC Member Priyanka Nunkumar was a keynote speaker at the Vara Lakshmi Vratam Maha Satsangh event which was held at the Howard College Campus (UKZN) on the 24 August 2018

Prem Namaste, Namaskaram,Vanukam to one and all. I come with warm greetings from my leader Hon. S. Thakur-Rajbansi. It gives me great pleasure to enlighten you about Mother Luxmi today.

As we all know that Mother Luxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Health.

Why should students worship Mother Luxmi?

Mother Luxmi has 8 energies or forces

  1. Aadi Luxmi – The Protector. The mother protects us from all ills in the studying environment
  2. Diana Luxmi – Goddess of Wealth. The mother gives us a wealth of knowledge so that we can obtain our degrees
  3. Dhairya Luxmi – Goddess of Courage. She gives the courage to withstand the academic pressure such as the assignments, tests and examinations
  4. Sowbhagya Luxmi – Goddess of Prosperity. The mother ensures that we excel in our studies.
  5. Vijaya Luxmi – Goddess of Victory. The mother ensures that we pass the exams and and obtain our respective degrees.
  6. Dhanya Luxmi – Goddess of Nourishment. The mother provides food for us so that our brain is able to function when we are studying
  7. Santaana Luxmi – Goddess of Progeny. The mother gives us the ability to help other students who are weak and thus in return ensuring we a fulfilling the duty of dharma and seva.
  8. Lastly Vidhya Luxmi – Goddess of Wisdom. The mother  has given us all the of above energies so that we can liberate ourselves and move forward in life once we obtain our degrees.

Thank you sanam for giving me this opportunity and I want to wish you all a very happy Luxmi Pooja and a very happy Raksha Bandan for Sunday.

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