MF Leader Says: “Happy Father’s Day”

MF Leader Says: “Happy Father’s Day”

Minority Front Leader, Mrs. S. T. Rajbansi, said the role of a father, traditionally seen as a provider and guide for children, has significantly changed in the family culture of today. In this present time with most parents working, fathers have become more involved in children rearing and sharing of domestic obligations.

The existence of mankind is founded on the principle of fatherhood. Since the beginning of time, according to the Holy Scriptures, God the Father sought to redeem mankind from the curse of death and sin. All throughout history, this has been a common feature.

We are enlightened from the teachings of the apostles and saints that the love of God our Father, far exceeds any of our inadequacies, false or shortcomings. We are given an ideal example in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life”. In this, we see the sacrifice made by a loving Father for the betterment of all his children, mankind. This scripture teaches us how much Our Heavenly Father, who by the very virtue of his existence is good.

We are exhorted from the Holy Bible to be Fathers of excellence and virtue. It is true that the first leader, any child knows is his Father. It is also true that Fathers play a pivotal role in instituting discipline and instruction in their children, these are valuable traits that will finally determine the complete outlook of an individual.

Statistics show that in a home where there is an abusive father, sons tend to become abusive men. In a home where there are fathers who consume alcohol and narcotics, their children are most likely to do the same. In a home where there are absent fathers and where fathers abdicate themselves from their responsibilities then children perpetuate the very same actions. It is therefore, paramount that fathers first acknowledge their role as the spiritual head of their home, and ascribe due diligence, respect and worth to his wife, mother and finally his children and in so doing sets a trend worthy of emulation. This will ensure that our communities and families have strong foundations for the future generations to build on.

Mrs. Rajbansi wishes all fathers a happy Father’s Day.

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