MF Leader Visits Ethekwini Hospitals

MF Leader Visits Ethekwini Hospitals

Speaking at the KZN Legislature, Health debate, Mrs S. Thakur-Rajbansi, Leader of the Minority Front said that while hospitals were improving in terms of cleanliness and staff attitude, she felt it was limited in other areas, such as what happens in hospitals at night and over weekends, when the most complaints occur.

She stated that, the oversight visit to Verulam, Kwa-Mashu, Phoenix and Durban Central were important to establish patient and staff requirements.

She stressed that areas of critical intervention included ventilation and filtration systems in wards, as well as, the separation or quarantine of infectious cases to prevent cross-infection.

She stated that the filling of critical posts was urgent and overdue as this forms the backbone of an effective and efficient health care system.

“Our health care system is moving towards NHI and for this to occur we need more development of human capital within the health sector at all levels. There needs to be better planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation,” she said.

Mrs Rajbansi stated that the retention of skilled workers in the health sector and the aligning of those posts with industry standards was required. Hence, training has to be ongoing.

Mrs Rajbansi, will continue to fight for a better healthcare for patients and improved working environment for health care professionals.

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