MF Leader Warns Against Indecision

MF Leader Warns Against Indecision

Mrs S. Thakur-Rajbansi, MF Leader stated that the remaining conditional grant of R 4.5 million, allocated for the Indian Indentured Labourers statue, was taken back by Provincial Treasury, from the Premier’s Department, as reported in the Finance committee on 28 November 2014.

The sum of R10 million was allocated for the 150 Year celebration. It is now 154 years and due to disagreements amongst interested parties, of where the location of the statue should be, the money has been taken away as conditional grant codes have to be adhered to, said Mrs Rajbansi.

Mrs Rajbansi, has urged Provincial Treasury to reallocate this money, when the site is finalised and stated that she will ask the Hon. Premier to intervene, so that stakeholder agreement can be reached timeously to avoid loss of this essential funding.

The MF remains steadfast that the site should be in the vicinity of the Durban Harbour, because this is where Indentured Indians landed. Also, Mrs Rajbansi will request further funding for a monument to be built to honour the Indian indentured miners who worked in the collieries of Northern Natal.

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