Demonstration – 16 Days Of Activism

Demonstration - 16 Days Of Activism

The Minority Front Youth Association held a placard demonstration this week in commemoration of the 16 Days Of activism national programme. This year’s demonstration was in memory of Baby Jamie Faith Naidoo, who was murdered and sexually assaulted recently. The programme was joined by Community Organized Policing and Shekinah Faith Movement, two NGO’s in the area. The demonstration which started at the Gem City complex moved to the Phoenix Magistrates Court, The Phoenix Police Station and the Millennium Market.

Leader of the Minority Front, Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi, said “The theme issued by the premiers office for the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in this year’s 16 Days of Activism programme is “Count me in!”  This is a call to the province to join in the fight against crimes affecting women and children. As an organization we have adopted the call and, because we are a party that address the needs of minorities we have added issues such us abuse against the aged, disabled and those affected with HIV/Aids.  I must commend the Youth association and the supporting groups for their efforts and for contributing toward educating young people on this topic.”

Jonathan Annipen, Youth Leader of the Minority Front, said that the response we received from the community was overwhelming. “We have called for the reinstatement of the death penalty and for stronger sentencing especially where cases of sexual assault, rape and murder are concerned. Records will show that as a part we have called for a standalone rape law that will serve as a deterrent and prevent heinous crimes against girl children and women especially. We cannot remain silent when children, void of any defence recourse, are subjected to crimes that rob them of human dignity. We want more children’s homes, better screening for foster parents, better response time from police, continuous dialogue to better services for those who are aged and disabled and we want a safer environment for our people. Enough is enough! We will not be held in fear anymore!” We are encouraging other civil society organization and lobbying groups to do the same”

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