Minority Front Unites

Minority Front Unites

The Minority Front, in a show of unity and strength, has united in an out of court settlement that will see Party Members rising above internal Party issues that has plagued the MF since the passing on of its Leader Mr A. Rajbansi.

In a joint statement released by Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi and Mr Roy Bhoola MP, and the applicants in the litigation, Councillor Ravi Govender, Councillor Oliver Govender, it was recorded that Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi is recognized as the Leader of the MF and that Roy Bhoola MP, Councillor Ravi Govender, Councillor Oliver Govender and all MF public representatives are recognized as valued members of the MF.

There is a confidential settlement agreement in terms of which a reconstructed National Executive Committee (NEC) was formed with the input from a wider representation of the MF. All Parties agreed to pay their own costs.

The Parties represented by Attorneys Anesh Maharaj and Craig Preston Whyte and represented in court by Advocate Kissoon Singh SC and Mickey Naidoo and Natalie Lange. The MF is grateful to the legal representatives on both sides in assisting to resolve the impasse.

The MF’s Leader Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi and Mr Roy Bhoola MP said that this settlement will see the Minority Front moving forward united in our resolve to continue service delivery as one unit to communities. The community must be assured of an effective and efficient MF that will be taking the Party to great heights as a collective force with all MF Councillors, MP’s and Members on board.

The Minority Front Members were jubilant that the matter finally reached an amicable outcome.

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