Inanda Remembrance Day Needs Recognition: MF Leader

Pictured: MF leader at the Inanda remembrance day event

Minority Front Leader, Hon. Shameen Thakur- Rajbansi recounted the late Mr. A. Rajbansi’s constant lamentation about the insidious 1985 Inanda Riots which started from the 6th and turned full blown by the 8th August.  

Out of tremendous fear people moved out with whatever belongings they could carry by the 9th August but calm was restored by the Friday as Mr Rajbansi, then in the House of Delegates came to the assistance of the people with the army. Mr Rajbansi always maintained that this riot, like 1949 was politically engineered to look like black on black violence.  

It is imperative that the Association be formalized and be recognised by the Hon. President Cyril Ramaphosa to attend to the current requests of the displaced people of Inanda, stated Mrs Rajbansi as she commended the dedicated team who have persevered to have their rights addressed in our democratic dispensation. 

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