No Place For Shady Councillors

No Place For Shady Councillors

The allegations leveled against MF PR councilor Ganas Govender are grim and tantamount to gross misconduct. Govender is a character synonymous with controversy and aberrant behavior, being commonly featured in the media for such miserable conduct.

Ganas has, for a long time, schemed with the DA in attempts to destroy the MF; this from the time of the demise of the founder Mr A Rajbansi.  This just connects the dots. Now that Ganas has the courage to take to the streets and advocate the interests of the DA (because he knows his days with the MF are numbered) he should also have the pluck and do the moral thing and resign from the MF.

It is shameful on the part of Ganas to earn a salary on the back of the MF and conspire to its destruction, through political prostitution.  Ganas’ actions prove that he is not worthy of public office. The time has come to put an end to these cheap dogmatic theatrics – Ganas must go!

The message is clear; there is no free ticket with the MF and shady councilors like Ganas have no place in the Minority Front.

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