Young Women’s Voter Empowerment by the MF

Young Women’s Voter Empowerment by the MF

This being Women’s Month, it is important to focus on today’s young women who are facing lots of challenges, which include drugs, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, the HIV pandemic, education quotas and rising costs. “Our youth need to be brave and guided” said Mrs S. Thakur –Rajbansi, Leader of the Minority Front.

The Minority Front has been built by Youth leaders. The founder and late leader Mr Amichand Rajbansi had started his political career at the age of 12. As the current leader, I entered parliament in 1999, as a youth. Therefore, the Minority Front encourages all youth, especially girls and women to become politically active in a constructive and responsible way.

As we strive towards a non-racial and gender-equal society, with a Constitution aimed at protecting the human rights of all, we still grapple with the legacy of the socio-economic divisions caused by the deep scars of the past. The youth need to take advantage of the initiatives and programmes of government relating to study assistance, empowerment and work experience so that we can progress meaningfully. The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals addresses the core issues of unemployment, poverty, education, social cohesion and inequality. Initiatives and programmes, aimed to empower our youth are undertaken by the Minority Front and we encourage the youth to visit our constituency offices to enquire about events.

Mrs. Rajbansi stated that, all youth should heed the late Mr Rajbansi’s words, “The youth are the life-blood of a country.” The Minority Front therefore pledges its continued support to cultural, educational, skills and leadership youth development. To further improve oneself and leave an indelible mark to continually improve South Africa, Mrs Rajbansi encourages all youth to register to vote in the upcoming 2019 General Elections, so that, Parliament is reflective of all diverse groups in our country.

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